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Advance Purchase Agreement Covid Vaccine

It is the right response of public policies to use public funds to ensure that pandemic products are developed quickly and become available equitably. APAs can help by reducing the risk of companies investing in an often expensive research and development process, making upfront payments to accelerate research and development, and promising to buy products when they hit the market. Franck Grimaud, Chief Business Officer of Valneva, commented: “We are grateful to the Bahraini government for their confidence in our vaccine and look forward to working with them to address the development of the pandemic in the Middle East. Subject to regulatory review and approval, we expect to begin deliveries in the first quarter of 2022. In at least one case, one country provided another country with a grant to purchase vaccines directly, with Australia providing Cambodia with a grant of $28 million. Several countries have also resold or borrowed vaccine doses from others, particularly in high-income countries. For example, Poland sold its surplus vaccines to at least five different countries (Australia, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Serbia). Similarly, Australia has entered into four different exchange or purchase agreements with other countries to obtain cans, including the European Union, Poland, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has also begun to “reallocate" the majority of its vaccines received through COVAX to other African countries, expecting to recover these doses of COVAX at a later date. In other cases, countries that received vaccine donations then donated some of these doses to third countries, such as Barbados and Dominica, sharing the cans given to them by India with other Caribbean countries. These estimates show how COVID-19 vaccine prices differ from brand to brand and country to country.

However, final price levels can sometimes differ significantly from those expected, as shown by recent discoveries related to Russia`s Sputnik V – originally touted as a cheap alternative to Western vaccines – suggesting that the vaccine is actually more expensive than competitors with similar efficacy. Franck Grimaud, Chief Business Officer of Valneva, commented: “I would like to thank the EU teams and THE EU Member States who placed VLA2001 orders. We look forward to launching the ongoing review with the EMA after the appointment of the rapporteurs. The recent wave of COVID-19 in Europe highlights the need for an alternative vaccine, and we have a ready-to-use vaccine inventory upon receipt of EMA approval. The confirmation of the EC agreement will also allow us to optimize our manufacturing strategy for VLA2001. According to our weekly covid19 R&D Tracker, 17 COVID-19 vaccine candidates are in Phase III development or approved. Given the urgency of the situation, approval processes have often been expedited. At the beginning of the pandemic, European leaders promised that Covid-19 vaccines would be global public goods, that is, they would benefit everyone.

“None of us will be safe until everyone is safe," said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The promotion of Covid-19 vaccines as a global public good as a “negotiating directive" has been included in the agreement between the Commission and EU Member States annexed to some of the APAs. Data from the Phase 3 ENSEMBLE study showed that Johnson & Johnson`s COVID-19 vaccine was well tolerated and showed a 67% reduction in symptomatic COVID-19 disease in participants who received the vaccine compared to participants who received the placebo. .

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